Hi all ,
I 'll try to set moh_passthrough to yes according to
"Asterisk 13 Configuration_res_pjsip - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki "
My asterisk version is :
Asterisk certified/13.18-cert3
Unfortunalty i get this error :
ERROR[6179]: config_options.c:728 aco_process_var: Could not find option suitable for category ‘anonymous’ named ‘moh_passthrough’

Thx all

Certified 13.18-cert3 does not support that functionality.

Thx jcolp ,
What is the minimal version who use this functionnality
Thx a lot

It was added in Asterisk 13.30.0.

Thx jcolp ,
is there an another way to send reinvite on hold with pjsip ?


No? That feature is specifically for that.

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