Modules installed?


I installed asterisk 16 by apt install asterisk in ubuntu 20lts. I made it work. I can call inside and outside. I try to do next step.

I try to find this modules:

  • chan_pjsip
  • chan_sip
  • res_srtp
  • res_crypto
  • res_http_websocket
  • res_pjsip_transport_websocket
  • codec_opus

How can I check did it installed in my asterisk? I didnt have freepbx, i prefer to use cli and configs. How can I check… did I (or didnt) have this modules?

p.s. i tryed to search this list in modules.conf - no result

ls /usr/lib/asterisk, at the Linux shell prompt, and assuming the standard directories.

sudo asterisk -x 'core show settings' | grep 'Module directory'
will show the setting for the module directory.

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At Asterisk cli type : reload
And hit the tab key
This will show you modules loaded
If you want to see whether all moduled loaded successfully you can type :
core reload
This will sho errors if any

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