Modify SIP Caller ID Uri from Extensions.conf


I use the Dial function fron Extensions.conf (Dial(SIP/

I can easily modify the Caller ID (ie. the SIP FROM header : name ) playing with SET() and Callerid(name/num…). My problem is that I would like to change the domain name dynamically in the parameter of the FROM header from the extensions.conf.

What I can do is set fromdomain in the sip.conf file, but then I can not modify it on the go in the extensions.conf (it is set once for all).

I have tried then to use SET() and callerid(num) - like Set(CALLERID(num)=${var}, but the domain name (or IP of the server if domain name is not set in sip.conf) is automatically added at the end of what I have set :

Is there a way to set dynamically this domain name of the SIP callerid(num) ?

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