Mobile solution + Hardware

Hi all

I am currently reasearching ways to implement * as a mobile solution, and I need some pointers on Hardware and configs…

The system will have about 5 incoming cellphone lines coming through a premi cell or something similair. It would then have about 10 outgoing lines to cell phones also using premi cells. The incoming and outgoing are seperate lines so it wont need to be shared.

Initially I thought of running this on a laptop (portability), but I dont know of any * supported hardware I can get to support these lines on a laptop.

Secondly, if I go with a conventional PC, is there any Premi cell units that can run off a USB power supply?

Also, (assuming the PC approach) what digium hardware would I need to accomplish this?

Let me know if there is any info I did not supply…

Thanks in Advance!!