Mobile Phone on Asterisk network

Is it possible for me to connect my mobile phone (an Unlocked Sony Ericsson k750i) onto my Asterisk network (my home phone line)? I’ve seen devices such as the BT Home Hub which allow you to connect a BT Fusion phone onto your BT home line so that you can make calls with your home phone line price plan. Is there any device I can use that will allow me to do this with my current hardware?
Thanks In Advance,

it would be nice, but i’m pretty sure you’d need your own mobile cell operating in the house for your phone to connect to.

i think the only other possibility would be if your Asterisk box was bluetooth-enabled and your phone could operate as a headset … which is pretty unlikely.

all the hardware i have or have seen is for connecting your mobile in to Asterisk so that you can make calls from your network or zap devices over the GSM network.

if you’re really keen, the other option is to go for one of the dual-mode (SIP over WiFi/GSM) phones that are starting to appear such as the Nokia E60 … … hlight=e60