Mobile phone as a gateway

Dear community

Is it (still) possible to use a mobile phone as a gateway for incoming voice calls only?

There are many on the market. But I can not have one more SIM card from my provider. I am trying to use a small (without data) mobile phone that I am going to plug at home.

I tryed the chan_dongle. Huawei also provides integrated circuits and I saw 2 devices ttyUSB. It looks likes one for the ctl, one for the data. Wrong the reason is the mobile phone is a dual SIM.

The chan_mobile uses the bleutooth which the full support (voice + control) is available only on smartphones.

The chan_modem is depreciated. I read on the internet I have to use the misdn. Perhaps it can work as I am not doing anything on the network size. It may work using the AT commands. I only handle voice and control. The config of Asterisk 18.10.1 says it is depreciated, I should use chan_dahdi.

This time, I am lost as chan_dahdi is for analogue cards. The communication is via /dev/dahdi/ctl not via ttyACM or ttyUSB

Does depreciated means not supported any-more? In this case which older Astrerisk version to get the /usr/lib/asterisk/lib…so?



That’s not true. It is for circuit switched cards, which includes ISDN and other primary and basic rate digital interfaces. As mobile protocols are based on ISDN, it might well make sense for those, as well.

chan_dongle is effectively unsupported.

If you want direct air interface access, current advice would be to use a SIP based mobile terminal device.

Please note that most, or all, mobile networks don’t support DTMF in the fixed to mobile direction.

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