Mjsip Invite Problem

Hi I am new into SIP, I am developing a UA using the MJSIP api. I am able to register, call etc… But I have a problem, if I call a number(from the UA to a phone) and starts ringing and I hangup from the UA, the phone I am calling keeps on ringing though I sent a Hangup(CANCEL). I sniffed using ethereal, I found out that the API is sending multiple invite requests! and duplicate requests.(Register and Invite) How can I controle this? Why is it sending multiple requests (especially INVITE) ?

Hope someone can help me, I noticed that “spyke” has experience with the mjsip.

Thanks a lot

Racx, sp


Ok I noticed that the Cseq of the INVITE as following Cseq = 2 as for the CANCEL, Cseq = 1. This is so weird they don’t match, and I still didn’t realize why it is happening :frowning: Anyone? Help?.. :unamused:

I solved it! but thanks anyway for all the croud who helped me :unamused:

Sorry to bump a really old thread, but how did you solve this issue? I’ve been having the same issue when trying to use mjsip.