MixMonitor beep volume

I have been asked to lower the volume on the beep that gets played in MixMonitor with using option B(20). Does anyone know how I can do that?

I am using Asterisk 13.23

It looks like it is done by mixing in the output of running Playback(beep), so you need to change the beep sound file. This will change the volume of all beeps generated by Asterisk, not just the MixMonitor beep file.

Do you think that if I change the “beep” reference in app_mixmonitor.c to beep2 (or something more descriptive) and just create an audio file of my liking called beep2 (sitting in the directory next to beep), that this will play my beep2 as the periodic beep for recording? All other places in Asterisk that play a beep would continue to play the original sound.

When I read the code, the literal for the file name wasn’t in that file. It was in the part that dealt with periodic audio hooks.

These are arguably developer questions.