Mixing in and out File after Monitor


is their a difference between * 1.4 and * 1.6.1 by monitoring through the AMI interface?
I have installed sox on debian and have written a shellscript for soxmix and put it in /usr/bin.
The Script have the permission 755.


sox -m $1 $2 $3

A manualy run of this script is mixing the in and out files but it seems that asterisk don’t run the soxmix script.

The AMI command is:

Action: Monitor
Channel: SIP/682-00000000
File: /var/records/682-1258714521
Format: wav
Mix: 1

Any ideas?

Now I added

echo $1   $2   $3 > /var/records/echo.txt

to my shellscript and got this output:


The path /var/records/ is set from my AMI Script but /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ ist set from asterisk.
But how I read Asterisk should not take the default path if an absolute path ist set, or have I a wrong configuration?