Pjsip module stops sending/receiving SIP-messages

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum, and I hope I can explain my problem so that you understand it, and hopefully someone has a clue to a solution.

We are using Asterisk in a telemarkering solution that makes a massive amount of outbound calls.
Our setup is this:
[ul]- CentOS 7

  • PJSIP 2.3
  • Asterisk 13.6[/ul]

We are communicating with the Asterisk via the AMI-interface through a socket. We are establishing calls mainly via Originate-commands. We originate via Local-channels.

The problem:
At one of our instances (one of our customers that makes about 40-50k outbound calls/day), once in a while there is no SIP-communication any more.
Our originate commands gets in to the Asterisk (answers with ‘Originate Success’ and we can see the dialplan logging in /var/log/asterisk/full). But once they reach the Dial command nothing happens.
If we activate SIP logging (pjsip set logger on) in the CLI there are no SIP messages at all, except for some BYE messages we send to the SIP provider on Dial time out, but no incoming SIP messages at all.

Our solution is to restart the asterisk service, then everything starts working again.

We don’t see any particular CPU och memory peaks when this happens. We experienced a similar problem with Asterisk 1.8, that was why we upgraded to 13 to get advantage of the PJSIP library.

Does anyone recognize this problem? Have any clues to where to start looking?

I would really appreciate any ideas, we turned ourselves inside-out on this one :smile:

Thanks in advance!