Missed calls on ring group extensions

Hi all,

I have a simple question that I can’t seem to find an answer to…

I have two Grandstream GXP2000 handsets and a softphone (Ekiga) connected to my Asterisk server (v1.4). Whenever my external line is called, they all ring simultaneously and anyone can pick the call up. The problem is that the two clients that did not pick the call up end up with a “Missed Call” notification, even though the call was picked up elsewhere.

From what I understand Asterisk is supposed to send a SIP CANCEL to a client if the call is picked up elsewhere (and a SIP BYE if the user hangs up), and the client would subsequently not show a missed call. It seems like either (a) Asterisk is sending a SIP BYE instead of a SIP CANCEL or (b) my client devices are not interpreting the SIP CANCEL correctly.

Can someone enlighten me?


I have a few GXP2000’s as well and they do the same thing, I just turned that feature off on the phones and dont worry about it.

So this is not an asterisk fault, it is an Ekiga/Grandstream fault?

Can anyone confirm that other handsets (e.g. SNOM) do not exhibit this behaviour?


We use LInksys SPA941s for our customers and they show the same behaviour.


Are there any phones that don’t exhibit this behaviour? I find it hard to believe that this is something that exists on all handsets …?