mISDN with PBX

I’m trying to put Asterisk box with two ISDN cards between existing PBX (LG GDK-FPII) and the telco. The cards are Cologne Chip Designs GmbH ISDN network controller [HFC-PCI] (rev 02). I’ve installed mISDN and set the configuration:card=1,hfcpci card=2,hfcpci nt_ptp=1 te_ptp=2 poll=128 dsp_poll=128 dsp_options=0 dtmfthreshold=100 debug=0The port 1 is connected to the PBX and the port 2 is connected to the telco. I’ve also configured Asterisk:

[general]misdn_init=/etc/misdn-init.conf ... [port1] ports=1ptp context=from-isdn1 msns=* [port2] ports=2 context=from-isdn2 msns=*I’m able to call some external numer (eg. my GSM number) using Dial(misdn/2/0500…). Unfortunatelly when I’m trying to call the PBX (misdn/1/…) I’m getting:

-- Executing [10225768211@test:1] Dial("SIP/test-00000001", "misdn/1/022...") in new stack P[ 1] --> * SEND: State Dialing pid:3 -- Called 1/022... P[ 1] % GOT L2 DeActivate Info. P[ 1] !!! Could not Get the L2 up after 3 Attempts!!! P[ 1] % GOT L2 DeActivate Info. P[ 1] !!! Could not Get the L2 up after 3 Attempts!!! P[ 1] $$$ CLEANUP CALLED pid:3 P[ 1] empty_chan_in_stack: 1 P[ 1] I IND :RELEASE_COMPLETE oad: dad: pid:3 state:CALLING P[ 1] --> channel:0 mode:NT cause:18 ocause:16 rad: cad: P[ 1] --> info_dad: onumplan:0 dnumplan:0 rnumplan:0 cpnnumplan:0 P[ 1] --> caps:Speech pi:0 keypad: sending_complete:0 P[ 1] --> screen:0 --> pres:0 P[ 1] --> addr:0 l3id:8002ff01 b_stid:0 layer_id:0 P[ 1] --> facility:Fac_None out_facility:Fac_None P[ 1] --> bc_state:BCHAN_CLEANED P[ 1] --> queue_hangup P[ 1] * RELEASING CHANNEL pid:3 ctx:from-isdn1 dad:0225768211 oad:10225768211 P[ 1] --> Setting AST State to downThe cable between PBX and * is crossed according to the picture.

Any hints?

Layer 2 isn’t going to get up.
HFC’s has jumpers around isnd ports to set up NT/TE mode.
Setting proper values in config files isn’t enough.
Can You set layer 2 always up on LG GDK-FPII ?