Minimal Installation on Raspberry Pi


I am a Asterisk beginner from Germany and I want to use the software to achieve encrypted telephony over the internet. Since I do only have analog phones and ATAs which don’t support encryption, I thought Asterisk as an back-to-back user agent should be good for that. I saw that the IAX protocol supports encryption. In a first step I only want to connect 2 locations together, maybe adding more later.

My requirements are quite low:

  • Only 1 SIP endpoint per location where an ATA is going to be registered to
  • One (or more) encrypted IAX trunks which connect the systems together

I downloaded the sources of Asterisk 13 and installed it on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B with Raspbian Jessie Lite. The standard installation described in the Book “Asterisk The Definitive Guide 4th Edition” was great and with little changes in the installation process Asterisk is up and running now. But it took a very long time to install and compile everything, the many options in menuselect were a bit confusing, so I pretty much left it at the default settings. And I found that the pjsip module was too complicated to configure, maybe the old chan_sip will be still sufficient for one extension?

Which modules do I actually need at least to meet my requirements? I want it to be as easy and tiny as possible. There are no high-performance requirements, each system has to handle one call at the same time. And there are only basic telephony functions needed, no voicemail, conferencing or whatever. I also want to install only the dependencies that I really need, to keep the SD-Card image as tiny as possible, so that it will be easy to copy that image for further Raspberries.

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I’d suggest looking at the ‘basic-pbx’ directory under ‘configs’ in your source tree. There is a modules.conf there that does not use the autoloader but provides a basic pbx.

You could start with it and remove functions and codecs you do not need.