IAX encription


I’m trying to develop a security module for the Asterisk IAX protocol.

What I’ve been reading so far (http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/IAX+encryption) demonstrates that there isn’t a stable solution for securing the communication between 2 Asterisk servers (other than IPSEC, OpenVPN, etc). I want an embedded security module.

Do you know other perspectives in this area?

My ideea is to encrypt the traffic between the 2 servers after I’ve established the keys at both ends. Which method (RSA, AES, etc) will be able to do this with less overhead?

I didn’t study the asterisk code so far, so I don’t know where(which source file(s)) to add my code in order to ecrypt the data sent to another asterisk call center. Can you give me a starting point?