Min hardware required to handle 20 active calls?

For 20 simultenious calls, what are the minimum requirement for asterisk server?
for example, CPU, Memory, etc.

how about 50, 100 calls?

Thanks for advice.

Any one can provide this info? Today our customer want asterisk to handle 50 calls.

DELL 4 CPU, 8G memory can handle it?


Good evening! I have 20 to 40 call per 1 hour and I use Intel Atom D510, 1Gb Ram. My system load on process by asterisk on 10-15 percent and all working perfect. I think for you task be enought Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz for 10-20 calls. And for many calls you need minimum Pentium or Intel iCore processor and 2 or more gigabytes of RAM. Size of HDD is not very impotant.

“DELL 4 CPU, 8G memory can handle it?” have been perfect for your Asterisk system. I have question. What version of asterisk do you use?