Migration from Old Asterik version (1.8.0) to 11.16.0

HI all,
I’m newby on Asterik…and my problem is that i must migrate all confs from al old Asterisk version (1.8.0) to another server with Asterisk version (11.16.0).
On old version I’ve into extensions_custom.conf this type of confs:

exten => ,1,Answer
exten => ,1,Wait(1)
exten => ,n,Set(nvsipuser=${SIP_HEADER(P-Asserted-Identity)})
exten => ,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=it)
exten => ,n,AGI(script_dir/index.php,nvsipuser=${nvsipuser})
exten => ,n,Hangup

i copied this into new extensions_custom.conf and I put the script_dir into /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/…but when I try to do a call to the number it doesn’t work.

How can i see the logs? Where are the main error?

Thanks a lot

Please provide the contents of index.php, or if it is a third party script, e.g. a FreePBX one, direct your support request to the third party. FreePBX is not supported here.

In a standard Asterisk installation, the logs are in /var/log/asterisk and the logging level is configured in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf.