Migration from HiPath 3800 to Asterisk platform

Hi to everyone. Now we have a mixed telephony infrastructure with 30 digital, 100 analogic and 35 VOIP extensions over a Siemens HiPath 3800, the VoIP terminals are Siemens propietary (i.e: optipoint 400 series). The idea is to increase and replace the analogic and digtial extensions with VoIP, our firmware version of HiPath does not support SIP VoIP terminal phones, and VoIP Siemens propietary phones are so expensive.

I’m thinking in mounting and installing the AsteriskNow and make some tests only with VoIP, and if test are ok launch a global migration of all extensions… any experiences in a similar migration ? HiPath and Asterisk can work together delegating all VoIP extensions over Asterisk and HiPath acts as master ?

Thank you to everybody and don’t worry about tell me that one of the questions bellow are stupid.

Santiago Pérez Agra