Migrating from freepbx to a2billing

Hello every one I am new to Asterisk and need your help pleas.

I have a working plan on freepbx with an extension trunk and route. The Trunk is a GOIP and it is logged in and working well for out calls.

I was asked to migrate to a2billing.

I started searching on the internet. I created an account on a2billing and created a trunk that route calls to a2billing and linked the account to extension so when I dial according to specific pattern used in the route routing to a2billing I hear how much $s I have. That sense that I am on the right way.

I watched that I can just point to the trunk created on the freepbx through this link. https://sysadminman.net/blog/2009/getting-started-with-a2billing-part-1-setting-up-a-trunk-447
and did the same but it didn’t worked.

I heared that I have to set a call plan, rate card and rate, I did that and now when I hear the how much $ message I dial the number and hear how much minutes do I still have but the number is not forwarded to the trunk in order to make the call.

I used to watch the asterisk warnings but I can’t troubleshoot that.
Can anybody help me please.


I doubt if you’ll get a proper reply here as this is mainly for core Asterisk support.
You should take this to A2billing forum/s

–Satish Barot

I solved this problem but now I am facing another problem.
The routing to a2billing is done and then the route to freepbx trunk is working and I can show reports and cdrs etc…

but the route to a2billing is not enough. I mean I want to route the number dialed directly so I will hear how many minutes left according to the rate defined.

What is working now is:
1-that the route is forwarded to a2billing according to a specific pattern; when the pattern is entered you will hear how much remaing $s the predefined account have.
2-Then you will be asked to enter the number followed by the pound key.
3-Then you will hear how many minutes you still have and the call is forwarded to the trunk correctly.(although that a2billing is starting to calculate call duration from this point whether the call is answered or not but is not the main problem right now).

The question is can route to a2billing with the pattern specified followed by the pound key directly. I mean I want the user to dial the number directly from the extension ans he will hear how many minutes still have with no need to dial a pattern and then the number and pound key.

Thanks and I will post this in the a2billing forum but I don’t know if now I can have the solution in this forum so I posted here.