Microsoft's SIP PBX better then Asterisk?

I was wondering if anyone had any information or comparison of the two?

All I found is:
I would like to see a head to head comparison of Vonexus vs. Asterisk.

I know right off the bat, with Asterisk we can use open source operating system which saves $$$. But I am wondering how the features and development are different, better, or worse.

Thanks for any information you can provide.[/url]

Well, if you want to compare a software from Microsoft to Asterisk, you should start here:



If you want a PBX that you have to reboot every time you plug in a new extension and several times a day in between, just to keep it working, then use a windows PBX!


[quote=“Telephony”]Well, if you want to compare a software from Microsoft to Asterisk, you should start here:



Don’t you think that is a little biased? :wink: :smile:

[quote=“rixride00”][quote=“Telephony”]Well, if you want to compare a software from Microsoft to Asterisk, you should start here:



Don’t you think that is a little biased? :wink: :smile:[/quote]

Yes. He is completely biased. See my answer to that here:

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all this is cracking me up…

That is a good discussion.

That is one thing Microsoft hasn’t fixed yet, is applying patches and having to reboot.
Also not to mention memory leaks, I know they say they fixed them, but I find my computer runs a lot faster after a reboot. Especially if I haven’t performed one in a while.

But I was looking more of a comparison of feature to feature along with the OS.

I know the OS’s can be glaring, but setting aside differences, I am looking for a feature-2-feature comparison. Along with scalability info based on a single system design.

I you want to compare, say, feature A in Asterisk with feature A in Vonexus (the only Windows based softPBX that I know of), then I understand the purpose of the comparison.

However if you want to compare: does Asterisk have such-and-such feature? Does Vonexus? then I see no purpose. You see, just take a look at the list of Asterisk features. Why would ayone on earth want a feature which isn’t there?

In fact, if they took several options off Asterisk, probably nobody would notice.

If you need a feature, you can always implement it (or hire someone, out of the thousands of programmers that know Asterisk or will know in the near future) using any programming language.

If mighty Microsoft doesn’t have enough money to counter the OSS folks, what makes you think that Vonexus will?

What you need to decide is whether you prefer OSS or CSS (Closed Source Software), once you make that decision all the remaining decisions: Apache or IIS?, Exchange or sendmail?, Asterisk or Vonexus? will just follow logically.


I have some formalized technical training and certifications on the Vonexus product (employeed by a reseller), and have experimented with Asterisk since it was merely a punctuation. With that, I don’t think you will find any compare and contrast documentation on the applications
feature sets.

Although working on the technical side, I have enough expereince with the sales people and processes as they relate to Vonexus to suggest no one will spend any time compiling that data for you. If a customer wants open source software and operating systems, Vonexus is simply not for them. Vonexus salespeople will not waste time or energy trying to overcome that passion, hence no competitive literature will be produced.

Although most of my daily computing requirements are fullfilled by Microsoft, I have no allegiance to either product. Both are quite powerful and are fun to drive. They both make phones ring and let people talk to each other. But the decision maker is forced to go beyond that.

Buy services related to Asterisk or buy product and licensing and support from Vonexus? Buy into the security of the Microsoft monolith, or the freedom of the open source community? Buy polished integrations between systems and features from Vonexus or the potential for whatever you can dream up next?

I would be happy to answer whatever questions you might have regarding the Vonexus product, and would consider the exchange quite useful myself. It might expose the power of Asterisk or some useful paths for developement.

Let me know.