MeetMe to Confbridge


I need to migrate my conference rooms from MeetMe to ConfBridge. Unfortunately I didn’t find way how I can define multiple rooms without extension for each. This is my configuration with MeetMe , how it should looks for Confbridge?

exten => 990,1,Goto(conf,1)
exten => conf,1,Macro(ringing)
exten => conf,2,Wait(1)
exten => conf,3,Meetme(,pIM)
exten => conf,4,Hangup()

conf => 102030,1010
conf => 203040,2020
conf => 304050,3030
conf => 405060,4040
conf => 506070,5050

The first argument to ConfBridge is the conference bridge to enter. You can use the Read dialplan application to read in where they want to go and use the resulting variable with ConfBridge.

Your idea is to play some voice which say: Please enter conference number , and then to Read the input from entered keys.And same thing for the pin code ?

Yes. ConfBridge doesn’t implement that itself, it requires you to do so and gives you control over how you want it to work.

Thank you for this clarification :grinning: