Meetme - Redirect caller from a room to private chat

Hi All,
I previously posted this here long ago but found no answer. Here I am posting it again as I need to sort it out. I hope some gurus there can help me out.

I am doing a project in which we will have, say, 5 participants in a conference talking to each other. Now suppose if a participant wants to do a private chat with any other participant, then how could he move that particular participant to another chat room even if they don’t know each others number?
I have tried n-way call from but that is not of my use as it is for taking 3rd person in conference by dialing his number and moving to conference where initial both callers are redirected using ChannelRedirect.

What do i need to do…should I detect an active talker and redirect him in an empty conference or something else? what are the options?

Please help … a little example will be a tremendous blessing. (any changes to be done in asterisk source will also be of help)

waiting for your comments.