MeetMe members stay forever if softphone killed

Situation: using softphone (X-Line 3.0) i start MeetMe conference. Then I kill softphone (with Windows Task Manager). After some time Asterisk detects this:

[May 3 17:01:00] NOTICE[31911]: chan_sip.c:15197 sip_poke_noanswer: Peer ‘1001’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 106

but even an hour after that moment, shows participant:

line*CLI> meetme list 1234
User #: 01 1001 John Smith Channel: SIP/1001-084c21f0 (unmonitored) 01:36:30
1 users in that conference.

Does it worh reporting as bug or is it a feature?..

My interpretation is that it is supposed to do this.

Since your SIP phone is being killed it is not sending the proper sip signalling back to the server. The server has no idea that the phone is no longer connected to the call.

Also, Asterisk sip uses udp which means there is no guarantee that the packets being sent actually arrive. Same with the rtp audio traffic. So there is not way for the server to know that the packets aren’t being accepted on the client’s end.

If possible hang up the sip phone first, this would be the best thing to do.

If not, just use ‘meetme kick xxx’ to kick the stray call off the system. Doing this would have the potential to make your CDR incorrect though…


This is very strange - asterisk should be prepared for situation when phone is just disappears without graceful shutdown. This can happen due lots of reasons. Otherwise PBX is going to leak resources and eventually die.

I think I will submit a bug report regarding this…

Okay, just for someone who will encounter the same problem and will use Search feature of the forum :=)

qwell - 05-04-07 15:47
You’ll need to set rtptimeout in sip.conf to some sane value.
Closing. Configuration issue (sort of…)

Unfortunately, it does not work for me because peers with silenc suppression turned on will be killed. But it may work for someone else…