[MeetMe] change / disable "Thank you"


When I use MeetMe with the “I” option users need to speak their name before entering the conference.
MeetMe completely handles the logic of this, it seems to do:

[PLAY: Please say your name and then press the # key]
[PLAY: thank you]

Now, I’ve found I can change the first prompt by changing the file vm-rec-name. But what if I want to disable the “thank you” message after recording? can I do that? Do I need to find the “thank you” file and blank it out (and won’t that hurt other scripts using that file?).

Is there some form of control I have over these things?

The best form of control would be to edit the source and pull it out there, if you wanted to do so for all MeetMe conferences. Or, expand it and expose an option give you more control. Having said that, new work going forward on conference applications is being done in app_confbridge; app_meetme isn’t preferred.

Hi Malcom,

That does not really sound like an easy task for me as an ‘simple user’ :wink:

I’ll look in to what is happening with app_confbridge!