MeetMe and early media, pls help!

Hi everyone

I´m very new to asterisk, so please forgive is this is a silly question. I’m trying to ‘monitor’ an outgoing call, but my requirement is that the monitor should hear not only the conversation phase. He should hear also any ringback and establishment announces.

So, this is what I did. The incoming call is answered, simple IVR to the user and then collect destination number. Using system calls I create two .call files (one for destination, one for monitor) and put in /outgoing. Then, I send the incoming call into a MeetMe room. The context for the two outgoing calls only has the MeetMe sentence (one full, one listening only).

This works fine, except that I cannot hear early media from the outgoing call to destination in the conference. I tested early media with my sip phone (a separate extension, playback-noanswer, answer, playback) and works fine. So, I’m doing something wrong? MeetMe only works after the call is connected ? Can anyone suggest me another way for solving this problem ? Thanks


All of asterisks audio only works after the call is connected… <- RFC for sip