Medium size multiple location office phone system needed


I am looking for a phone system that will support

4 office with mpls network
24-50 extension on each location(Most Generic phone with some voip phone)
E1 line adapter
VOIP , SIP, and etc support
auto attendant ,voice mail

I need to know if this is something i can build or if there is already a complete system out there and if so where can i go about purchase it.

Thank you

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You can easily build a system like that or there are prebuilt “appliances” that can do thay as well.

Digiums switchvox product should be able to easily handle that as will many others.

You could also build your own - each location would probably only need a desktop class or very small server to handle the loads your are talking about.

Thank you for you advise.

If I want to build my own, where is the best place to start and what kind of hardware and software do I need. It seem like i am going to need.

1 server with the following card /site
fxo card/s (24 fxo module or 3x 8 fxo card)
E1 card

Thank you again

what you want to know is how many concurrent calls u will have and take in consideration ivr/call record/voicemail

make sure your server case is big enough for the big 24port card if u get that one…
and also it has enough ports for the types of cards you will be needing.

u will surely want a raid, u can additionally do redundant psu’s and nics and processors…depends how valuable this is to u.

You are usually fine if your not going with the craziest and newest cpus’s out. One thing you can do to be safe is to have someone build you the server and preinstall like centos5 on it. This way you KNOW it will work.

asterisk appliance might suit your needs for some locations but it doesnt do e1 or t1 and has max 8 ports (im told it will have t1 later)
switchvox gets rather expensive the more stuff you add to it…

pretty much depends if your going to program at the cli and bash or use a GUI menu type system…

ps…im a linux newbie probably i find asterisknow to be easy to install and get running. tribox is basicly teh same but has a bunch of extra stuff you may never use. freepbx dont know nothing about. if u know linux id install centos5 then asterisk on top of it you will learn the most this way

Thank you for your advise

Where is the best place to shop for the fxo,fxs, e1 card and software for it.
I need to make a decision between TDM2400P and TDM800P , can anyone comment about these card.

Thank you

To connect an E1 you need a digital card like the TE120P.

The TDM2400P and TDM800P are analog cards that take FXO and\or FXS modules. The TDM2400P allows for 24 ports anth the TDM800P allows up to 8 ports. The other major difference is the TDM800P has 8 RJ-11 plugs on the back of the card (standard phone jacks), the TDM2400P needs an external punch block or a 24 port RJ-11 block and 25 pair cable to connect them.

The software and dirvers for the cards all come from the website unless you wnat to install Asterisk Business Edition which you need to purchase and comes with a CD\loging instructions to download.

I usually get my hardware from Telephonyware - I have had very good luck with them.

id stick with digium cards only…they cost more but to know that they will work is a big plus and the support for them is great.