Maximum agi variable lenght?


I’m using asterisk 13 and my AGI (Python) is returning a value to the dialplan. I was wondering what is the maximum length allowed for variable in a AGI.

I cannot find this information anywhere.

Almost for all Asterisks is 255.

Thanks a lot, I’ll make sure not to exceed it in my script.

Ah, now I seem to be able to pass back a variable of about 2022 characters. But I need more!

The only way I can think of working around this is to get Python to
write the list to file, then do a FILE_COUNT_LINE to get the number of
items (needed first) and then iterate through them by doing FILE to
read one line at a time.

Would rather stay away from polluting ASTDB, and don’t want to installMySQL as I don’t need it for anything else.