Manager API variable maximum length

I’m creating an alarm system.

My program uses the manager API to initiate the call, setting variables such as the callerID, name of the person being called, and the message.

Asterisk uses Swift to turn the message into speech.

This all works fine - until the message is over a certain length.

I then get the following error:[quote][color=red] “WARNING[9152]: manager.c:1365 get_input: Dumping long line with no return from Variable: gaMessage=<first 235 characters of message>”[/color][/quote]

I can’t really limit the length of the message, so how do I get round this?

Adding \r\n to break up the variable terminates it. I could do some ugly gaMessageOne, gaMessageTwo, gaMessageThree etc, but that is really not a route I want to go down.

Is writing the message to a file - or putting it in a database - and then reading it from within asterisk the way to go?

I have exactly the same issue. It appeared at least sice Asterisk 1.2 or even earlier… very annoying.
May be asterisk team can pay attention on this?

I ended up putting the string in a database, and using an agi script to retrieve it.