?Manager Interface: Getting /proc/loadavg via command?


I’m using the AMI via secured lines for several Asterisk boxes (V1.2.0). I’d like to know how much cpuload I have on a box and how much the disk is filled (diskspace). How do I realize this with the Manager Interface? I don’t want to set up SNMP for this, the AMI should be good for this.

I tried the “!” but as I supposed, this doesn’t work.

Rolf (at) rowi dot net

Are you attempting to issue a system command via the ManagerAPI? For this I would definately recommend using a system management platform external to that of issuing system commands via Asterisk. Maybe a combination of Nagios (cacti.net/).

As it sounds like the sophistication of your implementation would be well served by leveraging system management solutions.

FYI, there are Nagios plug-ins for Asterisk:


Great! Didn’t find it, thank you for the link, it’s just what I searched for.