Manager API- Can a "Hold" command be issued

I have been working on a desk-top call manager using the Asterisk API manager.

So far, I can:
Make calls
Transfer calls
Hangup calls
Park calls (and see all parked calls)
View all peers and their status with callerID

What I can’t figure out is how to “Hold” a call. There is nothing in the API or Command list functions that says anything
about how to place a call on-hold.

Is there some command I can use to tell a trunk (ZAP in my case) or station to be put on “Hold”?

Can I transfer the call to MusicOnHold? If so, how would I do that?



Parking is the only externally available operation that will put a call on hold. Even then, the standard code does not signal this upstream, other than as MOH.

You can transfer to dialplan that waits in MOH, but the code doesn’t recognize this as a hold.

Thanks for the info.
That’s what I kinda thought.