Make linux26 not working

Hello, i am using Linux version 2.6.9-42.0.3.ELsmp
before I upgraded to the asterisk 1.2.15

and when I tried make linux26 it gave me

Makefile:209: target ztdummy.o' given more than once in the same rule. make: *** No rule to make targetlinux26’. Stop.

Can some tell me what is the problem ?

I then compiled it w/o linux26 everything went fine except
since I am using ztdummy (Which I uncommented in Makefile)

now when I try top stop zaptel service it says
that zttranscode is still being use

I then added the following
MODULES="$MODULES zttranscode"
in zaptel and now it works.

Is this correct ?

Thank you

the target “linux26” appears to have been removed from the latest makefile, and instead some auto-detection of the kernel is happening.

by adding that to the $MODULES, the unload script removes that module along with the others … so yes … you’ve done the right thing.

are you working with fedora ( >5) distro linux ??