Make a dial plan for multiple numbers


How can i make a dial plan which dials to a multiple numbers.

If first number is busy, it should dial to a second number. And if first numbers get connected then it should not dial other numbers.

Please help on this!!


exten => xxxx,1,Dial(first-device-address)
exten => xxxx,n,Dial(second-device-address)
exten => xxxx,n,Dial(third-device-address)

However, based on your posting in the General forum, I think you want an AGI solution, not a dialplan one.

I was looking for same in AGI,
I read one article where they suggested to create a dial plan and try use it using AGI.

So, first i am trying to create a dial plan and on successful , will figure out how can i use it in AGI.

Kindly give your feedback on this!!