Make a call via registered account

I have Asterisk wchich is registered to another device by
register => login:pwd@host

How in dialplan make a call via login? I need configure peer?

It could be work ?

This looks like it might be a configuration for chan_sip, but you didn’t say. chan_sip is deprecated, although, with the exception that the register may not be needed for an outgoing call, this is probably about the minimum configuration for an outgoing call. Considerations of NAT, codecs, incoming calls (in particular authentication which is not symmetric), transports, early detection of failures, etc, may require additional options.

Any new installation should use chan_pjsip, for SIP peers.

That is true, I try configure chan_sip and I wouldnt use pjsip for this. What I need is dial by registered account in this same local network so i dont need NAT

From a pure SIP point of view, registration is not necessary for an outgoing call to a static address. The peer might still require it.

so, how to make configuration for asterisk to make a call with registration ?

I need Asterisk work like sip phone. Make a call with registered account

The same way as without, but adding the registration.

Have you actually tried your proposal and had it fail? It would be easier to do that and then debug the failure.

That isn’t how SIP phones work.

Registration is for receiving calls, it is not in any way related to placing calls.

Some systems may require calls to originate from an IP address that has registered, e.g. Asterisk with type=peer at the UAS end. However that isn’t something that is specified in the SIP standards, but rather a local policy.

Typical SIP phones would originate calls with a limited set of codecs, not every codec they knew about, even though they might not be able to transcode it.

The OPs proposal would work in many outgoing calls only environments, and would work in many of those even without the register line. It would typically have problems handling incoming calls.

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