Why sip phone don't make calls when its type=user

hi folks
i have some confusion about something .
I’m trying to understand types of user , peer , friend in more details .
now i have zoiper soft phone .

if i put in sip.conf settings as ;

as we see the type=user.

it gives me error in password .

and i cant see it in sip show peers console
but if i switched it to friend …it works .

now i read about asterisk do authenticate calls based on usr/pwd if i use the type=user.
so guess the softphe will send invite to the pbx with usr/pwd

but why the phone didn’t register ? I’m sure 100% the pwd is correct

and why the phone cant make calls even its not registered

thank you in advance

Registration tells Asterisk how to reach a device, there is no requirement that a registration exist for a device to be able to place outgoing calls. A user does not have the ability to register. They can only place calls into Asterisk. A friend or peer can register and calls can be placed to them.

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thank you for your kind answer .
more Question .

how can i set a call from phone and that phone not registered ?

is there a ny kind of handphone or soft phone that support that ?


I encourage you to take a deep read on the Asterisk book at http://asteriskdocs.org/ or maybe take a Digium course to understand Asterisk.

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I’m not aware of any phone that doesn’t allow you to call it when it is not registered, at least by default. You woud need to hard code the address in Asterisk.

Also, unless you have specific reasons to use anything else, you should use type=peer; that still allows you to register by name. type=user and friend can cause security issues and mis-operation if used when not needed.

canreinvite has been renamed directmedia. You should probably review the current sample configuration file for other changes.

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guys thank you all for info
I’m just trying to understand asterisk , no more …

indeed my config was ok !
the solution i used was to use soft phone called "linphone"
this app let me do calls even the phone not registered .
also i was abe to do calls from the phone even when the type=user

agian , i just read form book of asterisk and search for the info to make sure i understood it well … thats why sometimes i ask some questions that don’t have any kind in practical life .

thats it and I’m very happy with result .

my kind regards