Lost admin password

Hello List,

I just started a new job. The company had a ready install asterisk solution. The system is not live so far, but they want me to get everything started. Unfortunately they is no documentation about the installation. I don’t have any passwords . I have root access on the Centos box, and I have a user name access with no admin rights.
Is there anyway to retrieve the admin password, or a way to change the password? For any help I would be very happy.


which admin password ?

The admin password to login through the web. Module freePBX administration and then setup.

i’m guessing it’s an amp/freepbx/a@h/trixbox setup then. from the docs you’ll probably find that either passwd-amp, passwd-maint or password-meetme are useful.

Thanks for the hint. I went through the Wiki and I found what you mentioned. Unfortunately I couldn’t found the mentioned files on my server. Maybe I run an older version. I run FreePBX Administration 2.1.1. If you need more information please let me know.
Thanks for your help so far.


The admin password is stored in the ampusers table in the mysql database (asterisk by default)


on mysql database select the database that amp/freepbx uses and type select * from ampusers;

The system is running…

FreePBX version 1.2.2
FreePBX Administrator 2.1.1 on AMP

When I look our MySQL Database, there are no tables? Is there another way that Asterisk/AMP/FreePBX handles users & passwords?


freepbx is admin / admin by default

now if the system is setup like AAH / TB then the httpd.conf has been edited to add access control for user maint

if it is a AAH / TB load the help-aah
will bring up help
but typing passwd maint and press enter will allow you set that
if it is setup
it would be in MYSQL db it would be in the astersik db / ampusers table