Looking to create a SIM hub

Not sure if this is the right place to ask… but I don’t know where else to.

I’m trying to create a device that’s sort of a combination of a LTE/4G proxy router and GSM hub (or SMS / VOIP hub?). Basically this device should be able to provide socks 5 / https proxy’s that I can connect to from another device in order to route my traffic through the sim cards LTE/4G, and also be able to send / receive SMS and calls from the same SIM.

I’ve found devices to provide a proxy, like this one: https://proxidize.com/
And also devices too send / receive SMS and calls like this one: Sipolar 110w Powered Multiple 20 Port Super Speed Usb Hubs For 3g Gsm Sms Modem 4g Dongles - Buy 20 Port Usb Hubs,Fast Charging Speed Charger,Cool Usb Hubs Product on Alibaba.com

I have not been able to find something that can do both, but I need an all-in-one solution.

Is this possible? And would asterisk be useful to this? I was thinking I would need to do something with OpenWRT + Asterisk combined but before diving deeper I wanted to ask people more knowledgeable.

Hi I think you will have better luck with separating internet and SMS, and maybe online SMS service
where you can send receive SMS via an API
the chance that you will find the perfect all in one solution is slim
from at commercial point of view, it will only be useful to very small businesses do to scaling limitations
main reason is that there is a limit to how many users that can bee in the same area, before the provider run out of frequency / channels / bandwidth

but if you waant to go that route, you might also take a look at theses 2

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