Looking for VoIP expert advice- thank you for reading

An I.T ‘techy’ at my work mentioned I could try this forum for some general questions about relatively cheap VoIP solutions that I have not found answers to at various other places around the web.

I love using VoIP for calling internationally, and I am seriously thinking of starting my own company (yes, another voip dreamer!). I have a budget of about £8000 in savings.

Can you help in:

  1. listing exactly the hardware and software required.
    (ideally give examples of the companies - or solutions providers end 2 end or otherwise)

  2. The corresponding prices for example starting at 1000 simulataneous calls

  3. Whether there is really a sollution capable within my budget…

FYI: It will be a callcard based company not a softphone based. But will involve customers texting to get credit, and the server recognising their number via claler id when they call toll numbers.

I really appreciate anyones advise / comments / help

I don’t think you can seriously start a VOIP company with such money. I think the best thing to do in your situation is to use a virtual ITSP where you can white label it until you have enough where you can use your own equipment. This is better since you do not have to layout for servers, colo etc. You can try using flatplanetphone.com (whom I do work for).

yes whitelable is the answer. we can privide this for you