Looking for some clarification

I am really confused about this asterisk. I have only recently heard about it, and I have tried to do some research, but the answers I’m receiving are either to vague or confusing for me to understand. All I want to know right now is, if I set up asterisk and get one of those adapters, will I be able to call other peoples telephones if they don;t use asterisk? Like can I create my own VoIP, and not have to pay for a company like Vonage to do this all for me?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has been asked before,

at some point in a call to a PSTN user (traditional telephone), the call needs to be “terminated” to the telephone network. it’s this that requires you to pay a provider, and there are plenty to choose from in (almost) all countries. if you have your own telephone lines you can use these, but of course, you’re paying for those lines and call charges still.

using Asterisk doesn’t mean you have to use VoIP … you can mix and match your connection types to get the service and price you want.

Thanks again for the reply, it helped clear some things up for me. I think I can move on from here then.