Looking for g722 sound files

Hey guys,

I am looking for two sound files in g722 for a conferencing system:
1) "Please enter your conference number"
2) “Please enter your password”

@ 1) I am just using the file “enter-conf-pin-number.g722”, but it’s less quality than other g722 files and the term “pin” inside is disturbing too :frowning:
@ 2) At the moment i am using “pls-enter-conf-password.g722”, but it also has less quality than g722.

If someone keys in a wrong number or password, I play “conf-invalid.g722” and “vm-invalidpassword.g722”. These files have a really good quality. I don’t understand this, that the files in 1) and 2) don’t reach this quality, although they are also named as g722.

I also checked some orders for customized Audio Recording, e.g. voicevector.com/.
But i am not satisfied with the voice and the files are only offered in slin codec. When Asterisk is converting it at runtime, they also do not reach the quality of g722.

Do you have same experience or some suggestions.

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