Looking for cordless IP phone with message waiting indicator

I’m looking for suggestions for an IP phone to work with Asterisk in a group setting (i.e., a residential home). I’m looking for a cordless phone that has some sort of indication (message light on base unit?) that there are new messages available. If I can’t find a cordless phone, I’m looking for someone who has experience with a WIFI phone that is capable of providing a message indicator. If I can’t find anyone who can recommend a WIFI phone with this feature, I would still be interested in hearing recommendations from people who have good experiences with IP phones and message indicator lights. Thank you.

The Zyxel P-2000W has a message waiting indicator on the LCD display on the phone itself. However, I would not recommend it as I never managed to get decent quality audio on it.

at home i use BT 6300 phones. the kids love them, they have big buttons, an amplify button that makes then really loud and good handsfree.

also, the base unit can be used as a handsfree phone itself, or to talk to the handset (can’t both be on calls though)

message light displays on handset and via flashing light on base unit.

The UTStarcom F1000G and F3000 both include a message indicator (envelope icon) on the phone’s display. These are WiFi phones, so there is no associated “base” other than a normal access point.