Looking for asterisk consultant-tech in San Francisco Bay Area - Sausalito

Looking for a local San Francisco Bay Area C local Asterisk guru to upgrade and manage our ASTERISK system (linux box)? Setup a while ago by someone no longer available to us. We are trying to upgrade the computer, add some speakerphones, make it more reliable.
Thought this might be a good place to start.

I don’t know if anyone on the forum is operating out of your state, I’m over in Arizona personally.

I’d suggest looking for someone with a dCAP certification locally via linked-in, Digium used to have a directory of dCAP certified people but it looks like they took it down.

Thanks John. That is helpful on both counts! Appreciate your reply

Here you could find freelancers which provide remote suppport service

Thanks…I’ll let them know that. I think they are wanting an on the ground person too to upgrade the box