Looking for a reliable PBX system

Hi Guys,

I a looking at buying a good reliable PBX system for my office.
Have been told to purchase either Grand stream or Siemens.
Which would be a better one?

Recommendations and feedback will be appreciated:-)

Stephen Vadra

Hello. Are you sure Asterisk Forums is the right place to decide what PBX to purchase - either Grandstream or Siemens?

sorry…layman in this domain.
wanted to see if i can get some suggestions…
where else can i get this info?
response will be appreciated.

Even before my purchase i am being told that PBX systems will get hacked and i will end up paying huge bills in the future?
How far is this true?
If so…what can i do?
i don’t want to land up paying loads of money for calls i didn’t make…freaks me out…

Is true. As is true that when you buy a car your car will be stolen.

Your security depends on you, if you let the door open then the fault is not the vendor or the hardware.

Thanks for the reply.

How can i secure it?
Any inputs please?
if i cant secure it there is no point in going for the PBX…Its like buying the car for the burglar to steal it.
Any tools that can help me safe guard my PBX…

Use a Strowger (electromechanical, analogue) PABX, if you can still find one.

Older SPC exchanges with no IP connectivity are normally fairly safe, providing they don’t implement DID.

ob Asterisk. You can use Asterisk to implement such a system provided you don’t make any ethernet connections to the the box running it.

As hinted before, it is not really a sensible thing to ask for recommendations for proprietary PABXes on the community support forum for an open source one (especially on a forum funded by a company that also sells turnkey PABXes).

Thanks for that.

Was googling for solutions and found that a company called ALLO sells a device to safeguard PBX systems.
alibaba.com/product-detail/A … 13876.html
its called ALLO STM…safeguards sip pbx`s
Their website is www.allo.com

Is it recommended? Howz the company?
any one used it so far?

spoke to them and they said it will help me…however all companies say that their product works.
who would say no?

want any third party user feedback…


I think I can fairly safely say that no-one here has used one.

I find it suspicious that they are using Digium’s colour scheme for their logo.

Many of their products seem to be in competition with Digium’s.

Personally I doubt whether you could effectively use such a device in situations where it offered any benefit over very basic security measures, given the sort of questions you have been asking here.

In situations where a simple, block everything, rule doesn’t work, you really need to understand what you are doing.