Logs fillling asterisk-java error messages

Asterisk 11 runs with no errors but asterisk 16 gets
The following errors in the Tomcat9-stderr.log.

org.asteriskjava.live.ManagerCommunicationException: Response to CommandAction(“sip show peer 2480”) was not a CommandResponse but org.asteriskjava.manager.response.ManagerError: actionId=‘null’; message=‘Command output follows’; response=‘Error’; uniqueId=‘null’; systemHashcode=337430947
at org.asteriskjava.live.internal.AsteriskServerImpl.executeCliCommand(AsteriskServerImpl.java:804)
at org.asteriskjava.live.DefaultAsteriskServer.executeCliCommand(DefaultAsteriskServer.java:252)
at com.interop.commonutil.AsteriskManager.isDeviceActive(AsteriskManager.java:448)
at com.interop.radioswitch.SIPHub.getMode(SIPHub.java:3032)
at com.interop.config.SwitchInit.getMode(SwitchInit.java:2179)
at com.interop.config.SwitchInit.refreshSwitchSlotDisplays(SwitchInit.java:853)
at com.interop.config.SwitchInit$SwitchListener.run(SwitchInit.java:4959)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

and in the system.log: Although the interface works fine the latest version of Asterisk-java produces:
2020-06-03 00:00:06,038 ERROR o.a.m.i.ManagerConnectionImpl [SIPStatusListener-Turtle Demo] Unable to determine asterisk version, assuming 1.6… you should expect problems to follow.

Asterisk-Java is compatible with Asterisk 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6.


All those versions are beyond end of life and it looks like Asterisk Java hasn’t been maintained 7 years!

If it had still been being maintained, the right place to ask would have been https://sourceforge.net/projects/asterisk-java/lists/asterisk-java-users

maybe you need to upgrade your asterisk-java.jar

Oops. That one didn’t come back in a google for asterisk-java support. They could do with crosslinking to github in the old readme. My main premise though was that this is an asterisk-java issue, not an Asterisk one.

Indeed, and likely because of this:

 - The Command action now sends the output from the CLI command as a series
   of Output headers for each line instead of as a block of text with the
   --END COMMAND-- delimiter to match the output from other actions.

   Commands that fail to execute (no such command, invalid syntax etc.) now
   return an Error response instead of Success.

Which happened as of Asterisk 14.

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