How to communicate with asterisk using java

Hi all
I am using asterisk-java-1.0.0.M3 version to communicate with asterisk but it has support for asterisk 1.6 so if I want to communicate with asterisk 11 or 1.8 how can I communicate using java ?

any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

ManagerConnection or AGI is the answer; AsteriskJava works also with Asterisk 1.8.

First, set Asterisk to allow ManagerConnections (manager.conf). Then in your own Java program, create a ManagerConnection, using ManagerConnectionFactory. Define your own class, that implements ManagerEventListener and add that to the ManagerConnection as an event listener.

When the manager connection is established, onManagerEvent(ManagerEvent event) -method is triggered each time there is an (allowed) event in Asterisk.