Live call management via WEB GUI


I have received a list of specs for a project I have to do and among them I have to create a web call manager.

I am wondering if it is possible and how it is possible to do the following actions from a web interface (executing PHP scripts) :

  • End, Transfer and Hold a current active call. I have to create some kinds of HTML buttons for that.
  • View the current calls in queue
  • Grab one of the current call in queue
  • Dial a number

I can’t use AsteriskNOW for a few raisons.

I would really appreciate your help,

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See projects like FOP and Monast for Asterisk. That give you ideas and finally all you need is the use of the AMI.

This is the path to your sucess, and too Click to dial using PHP and Asterisk it is really simple so you can integrate that function to your system too.

There are a number of packages offering just that, each with a different scope and aim. I would not start rewriting any.

I found this on the Web and look really interesting


If I decide to work with :

How can I :

  1. Hold a call ?
  2. Grab a call from the queue ?

Thank you very much,


Run in the asterisk cli: manager show commands to find the command that can help you with your task.


Redirect (or Originate).