Linux command | in asterisk services

Good Evening there!

I am new to the word an asterisk, I just want to know how can I use the Linux Red hat command in the asterisk service.

Can you give us a typical red hat commend? I am not aware of such a thing. You should also describe more specifically where you want to use these commands. If it is within extensions.conf, the System application might do what you want (but I am not implying that this is a useful thing to do in general).

ok like the example we use this command ( cat /etc/passwd | head -n 2 ) these are used to manipulate and read text. in redhat … can use this in an asterisk to manipulate.

Not helpful, as I cannot translate this into something I might want to do with Asterisk, which isn’t a simple filter process. Please give a real world example.

I believe what you are looking for is Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI), which you can then write a Bash script (or any other script/exec) to execute what you’re wanting to do.

First off, if this is actually an example, it should be:

head --lines=2 /etc/passwd

but since /etc/passwd is not ‘order dependent’ I suspect this isn’t a ‘real world’ example.

If you want to execute a shell command, either the system() application or the SHELL() function may be of use.

If you want to do something beyond a ‘one and done’ kind of thing (database access, business logic, parsing, interacting with Asterisk), an AGI may be more appropriate.

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