Which services does Asterisk use


We are testing with heartbeat (failover) and so far all is going well but now we need to know which services Asterisk uses and where they are located so we can monitor these too.
Anyone here got a list we can use for this?

I assume you mean daemons:

resolver (bind)
mail submission (but only if you do voice mail) (sendmail, qmail, etc.).

IP routing (ripd, routed, etc.) - not on typical systems
Remote filesystem (nfsd, smbd, etc.) - unlikely to be common
Entropy generator - built into kernel on Linux

Well these look like the standard linux deamons Asterisk is using. But does Asterisk have any services of itself? (maybe I’m confused with the difference between services and deamons?)

Isn’t asterisk a service in itself as well?

Certainly stops it

Service is Micr0soft Windows terminology. Red Hat probably uses it because it is marketed to people who are basically Windows users. On Windows, loadable kernel modules are not as distinct from user space services, and Red Hat therefore use “service” to refer to those as well.

asterisk is a daemon, but I didn’t list it as used by asterisk, as it is asterisk.

The Red Hat service command “service name parameters”, is just a short hand for running “/etc/init.d/name parameters”, i.e. it runs the system start-up/shut-down script with that name.

Most sensible asterisk installations require the loadable kernel modules for dahdi (or zaptel if they have not been kept up to date), but that is a dependency of asterisk, not part of asterisk.