Linphone not receiving calls when app is closed

Hey team,

Sorry that I’m no good enough in SIP/PJSIP architecture, but I’ve managed to set up Asterisk with FreePBX web UI on my Almalinux 8 machine. Everything seems to be working smoothly with the Linphone client on Android. However, I’ve run into an issue with iOS – calls aren’t coming through when the Linphone app is closed or minimized.

I’ve heard that there’s a limitation with iOS regarding UDP connections since iOS 10. Initially, I thought running Asterisk over TCP port 5060 could be a workaround. So, I configured Asterisk to run over both UDP and TCP. Despite connecting from Linphone over TCP, I’m still facing the same issue – calls aren’t coming through when the app is minimized.

Could someone with expertise in this area guide me in finding a proper solution?

I believe FreePBX has support for push servers, but you need to ask on the FreePBX forum for that.

Specifically Sangoma Talk on FreePBX, which is a commercial offering of it, has push support. There is no generic push server support in either Asterisk or FreePBX, any such functionality would be outside in some manner.

Try the PortSIP app for iOS. Under Preferences, enable Force Background. Battery takes a slight hit, but connection is maintained I believe

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