Linphone Calls drop after nearly 30 seconds

Hi, Expert

My Asterisk server 13.2.0 is on a public IP adress.

I am using Linphone as softphones and i also setup two account for testing.
When i testing in one wifi environment, two Linphone can talk and see each other by vedio, all is ok.

But if i testing in two wifi or some other wifi environment, it looks two Linphone can setup connection at first, but voice could not be heard neither and after nearly 30 secondes the calls hang up and I have this message :
Remote end seems to have disconnected , the call is going to be closed.

Does anybody encounter problem like this and how to solve it , thanks!

Anyone can help on that, what detail information needed, such as log file or anything else?

Unchecked “Allow push notification” will resolve 30 seconds incoming call drop issue. I have tested on android phone and it works.


It is SIP or PJSIP and also post the configuration file for the technology used and Asterisk CLI logs, set verbose level to 5