Link to DOWNLOAD stable and latest full version

Please let me know link to DOWNLOAD stable and latest full version of Asterisk Server installer.

(Note - Please don’t provide patches URL)

Thanks in advance.


It must have taken more time to write your post and wait for an answer than it would take to look for yourself.

but all downloads are at


Thanks for your reply.

I have visited to URL
Observed that there are latest versions of asterisk full installer is asterisk-addons- with size 842 K. There was not full installer version available on above URL.

If full version is not available please let me know step with Basic version and patched installation. Also please provide URL for Basic version and Patched version URLS as well.


Asterisk-addons is just the add on packages ie mysql support etc.

Have look in the directory and you will see that … ent.tar.gz is the current version for 1.6.0 there are also current versions of 1.4 1.6.1 and 1.6.2