Linear strategy broken with addqueuemember/dynamic agents


I have been upgrading to 1.6, or rather testing it on a new server. I want a queue to use linear strategy.

Before I could specify the order of the agents in queues.conf - but now when I am forced to use “AddQueueMember” it will add the agents dynamically and linear strategy will then call the first to log in. So I need to log out all agents and log in the one I want to be primary.

Is it only me not knowing how to replace AgentCallbackLogin???

And when I type “queue show” it will report that they are not available when they are:

Agent/200 (SIP/200) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 1 secs ago)

Why doesn’t it say that it’s “logged in”… why is it “not in use” when it receives calls from the queue?

But first things first… how do I specify the order for linear now that I need to add agents dynamically without even having to specify them in queues.conf?

Very grateful for any help I can get!